Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Results Are In

A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions--as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all.
Friedrich Nietzsche
This morning, we got the answer to our question as to whether milk was the culprit of Daniel's ADHD symptoms. I gave him both milk and ice cream for breakfast (he was so giddy to be able to eat ice cream again,) and then observed him. Nothing that matched the list of allergic reactions, occurred. So milk is off of our list of possible offenders.

I am taking Daniel in to see our pediatrician, today. He started having, what seems like, anxiety attacks. They have happened twice since discontinuing his meds. Today, is by far, the worst I've seen him experience. We had to leave the park and come home. He is sitting next to me, as I type this. Every so often, the "weird feeling" comes back. He gets really pale, starts shaking and starts to panic. I try to calm him down, but it doesn't seem to help. I finally put on a movie to try and take his mind off of his anxiety. We cannot be seen by the doctor until three thirty this afternoon. I'm very afraid. I hate to see him suffering. I have to wonder if I'm making his life better, or worse. I have the purest of intentions, to make his life a better. But this is making me doubt my methods. I just have to pray that God intercedes and helps to calm my son during this rough time. I feel so helpless.


Kaylynn's Mommy said...

Kadi, what if the anxiety attacks are an allergic reaction to milk? Just a thought. I am taking a course in Behavior Management and we are talking about why kids do what they do. Part of the course includes allergies and environmental illnesses. I am learning that a lot of behavior is directly related to food allergies and toxins in the environment. Perhaps you might want to google "environmental" illness.

Another big food allergy item is wheat. Dairy, wheat, fish, and peanuts are some of the big food allergy no-no's. Many times people who have food allergies have more than one.

Kadi said...

Yes. I have thought of that possiblity. I will ask the doctor. Our next allergy test is wheat. I'm not looking forward to that. It will be, no doubt, very challenging.
Thanks for the tip. I will search it now :)

iluveeyore said...

You might be interested in an article in The New York Times, Health Section, today (6/17/08).

I think you need to sign up to read it, but that's no big deal.

The article is entitled "Weighing Nondrug Options for A.D.H.D." It probably has nothing new in it, but you might be interested in the Integrative Pediatrics Council (www.integrativepeds.org) which has a list of pediatricians who offer alternative treatments.

hrw102779 said...

When my middle child was allergic to milk it was all milk products. Once completely take off all dairy I could tell with in 20 minutes if she had eaten something with milk in it. You would be surprised at what items actually contain milk.

My point being there is still the impossibility that milk is one culprit, but unless you take out all dairy...which can even be found in pasta, you may not get an accurate reading. Plus there is always the chance that this anxiety attacks are symptom.

Take heart, it's always darkest before the dawn. Give yourself, and Daniel more time before throwing in the towel. You guys will all get through it.

iluveeyore said...

I do not mean this to be nasty, honestly... However, I have heard that ADHD might be genetic/hereditary.

Have you, yourself, ever been diagnosed with any form of ADD or ADHD? I am only asking because of all the blogs you seem to be able to juggle (and your seeming compulsion to write them)... and all you seem to accomplish with your children.

It has been hypothesized that ADHD was a POSITIVE attribute for cavemen.

Kadi said...

Thank you all! I'm not offended in any way. I appreciate all input :)
We are having an allergy test done through blood work. That should tell us more. The doc did confirm that all milk containing products are out during testing time. I misunderstood apparently.
I often wonder if I'm ADHD as well. I know my husband is. He fits the bill perfectly!

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