Monday, June 23, 2008

Ditching The Doctor

Deciding whether to trust or credit a person is always an uncertain task. ~Aldrich Ames

I have decided that it is time to choose a new pediatrician. Sometimes, in life, you have to sever ties with people whom you lose trust in. I trusted our pediatrician with the well being of my children for almost ten years. I know that it is ultimately my job to make sure that my children are in good hands, but I honestly trusted his hands. After our visit to his office last week, then talking to other health care professionals, I am very disappointed in the lack of guidance he provided.

We should have been referred to a pediatric neurologist, allergist and ENT, long before my son was put on medication. I will claim ignorance. I was only trying to make the best of a rapidly worsening home life and failed to do enough research to know that he needed to rule out other medical possibilities, before diagnosing him. Now I know. Now I'm speaking up and he is not liking it. He has shot down my request to see the ENT. He shot down my request to see an allergist and gave me an order to do blood work. How can I possibly find the answers I seek if the doctor who is supposed to aid me in my quest, is creating road blocks?

I am sad to have to say goodbye, but it is necessary to find a doctor who will listen to my concerns, keep all options open and communicated and work with us, not against us.


okamador said...

Kadi we just switched docs after JT's dr #1 said his vision test came back 20/20 (JT is blind in 1 eye) and #2 brushed it off when JT had a huge allergic reaction and didn't seem at all concerned with finding the cause. Some doctors are just so uninvolved with their patients it is ridiculous!! Good luck on the hunt for a new doctor girl and I am glad Daniel is starting to feel better!

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