Monday, March 23, 2009


Daniel has been on Risperdal and Zoloft since last July. We took him off of the ADHD medication after realizing that his symptoms looked more bipolar. Too often the characteristics of bipolar are mistaken for ADHD because they are so similar. This is what the psychiatrist felt after reading the notes from Daniel's hospital stay and his own evaluations.
During the last eight months, we have seen vast improvement in Daniel's behavior. With the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and medicine, we saw a totally different boy. His violence decreased dramatically. He was more in control of his emotions. His grades went from a B average to straight A's. He stopped having hallucinations, anxiety attacks and suicidal tendencies. It was incredible. Thankfully, Daniel did not have any of the negative side effects of using the medications. He is not zombie like, has not lost his appetite, etc...
He was doing so well, in fact, that we lowered the dosage of his Risperdal and decreased his therapist visits. He was obviously not ready for it. I've seen a lot of regression in him and it scares me. I'm seeing the old Daniel rear his head and it reminds me of how hellish life was for everyone before we got help for him. The whole mood of the house changes. Our days are filled with tantrums, outbursts, fighting, running away & threatening to kill. It isn't pretty, to say the least. The trickle effect seems to make the rest of the kids more angry and violent too.
We are scheduling the rEEG test this week. I cannot wait to see the results for Daniel. It will be so nice to finally have some answers. For now, we have put him back on the old dosage of his meds so that he does not regress any further. It tears me apart to see him struggle inside with self control and anger. Nobody deserves to be afflicted with these things.

There are angels among us.
We call them children.~


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